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    Parent Participation – Waves Volunteer Program


    It is each member's responsibility to change shifts with someone else when a conflict occurs after initially signing up for a volunteer shift.  If all else fails, please email volunteers@fmkp-waves.com and we will see what we can do to help out.



    Parent participation is an essential part of our Waves team – many, many volunteers are required to run our team. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, including at home, at practices, and of course, at home and away meets. It takes over 300 volunteer hours to run each meet. That means at least 75 people must each work a volunteer shift


    Upon registering your swimmers, you are committing to complete sixteen (16) volunteer points consisting of at least six (6) shifts during the regular season. 


    16 POINTS AND 6 SHIFTS are required to fulfill your volunteer commitment.


    Please remember, each family needs to complete ONE mandatory job in one of the following areas: Equipment Set-up, Equipment Take-down, 2nd Shift Ready Bench, or Concessions & that job is worth eleven (11) points. We have had a very difficult time filling these volunteer roles in past years. The remaining five points can be completed in any volunteer role; the key is that you need to sign up for at least five more shifts.


    When you register on-line, you will come to a screen that acknowledges that there will be a $350 volunteer assessment fee charged to your credit card on file if you do not complete your family's required sixteen (16) volunteer points & six shifts by the end of the season. All volunteer hours are tracked through your account.  Don't worry; we will double check all volunteer points before we even think of charging your credit card.


    Parents are also encouraged to consider participation as a board member or official. These opportunities will fulfill your entire regular season volunteer commitment.


    Additional volunteer points are required if your swimmer(s) attend divisionals or invitational meets and these do not count towards your regular season commitment.


    Show your support to your kids. Call or see any board member or coordinator to offer your help with:


     Mandatory Jobs (11 points)

    Other Jobs (1 point)


     Announcers  Ribbon Writing

     Ready Bench - 2nd Shift

     Breakfast of Champions  Snow Cone Sales

     Meet Set-up

     Breakfast Burrito Prep  Timers

     Meet Take-down

     Concessions - Friday Night Prep  Scribes

     Equipment Take-down

     Meet Scoring (Computers)  Pool Watcher

     Popcorn Sales

     Ready bench - 1st Shift

     Waves Shop

     Tent Parent



    Waves Volunteer Role Descriptions


    With the exception of timers, scribes and officials, all meet volunteers can break away to see their child swim an event. The timers, scribes and officials have front row seats for all events!!


    Mandatory Jobs (worth 11 Points)



    Assorted concessions jobs that last half of the meet. The roles vary from cashier, selling candy & drinks, selling cold food or hot food.


    Ready Bench (2nd Shift)

    Assist at swim meets at the ready bench, organizing children before their events. Shifts last half of the meet.


    Equipment Set-up

    Great for those who like to get up early. Come in early Saturday morning and help set up for the meet. Set up includes tents, tables, starting blocks, and audio equipment.


    Equipment Take-down

    Take it all down and put it away after a great meet. Begins about 30 minutes prior to meet end and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.


    Other Jobs (worth 1 or 2 Points)



    Responsible for announcing upcoming event numbers, event in water, and event needed to come to ready bench. Other ad hoc announcements as the meet progresses. There are two shifts for each home meet.


    Waves Shop

    Responsible for selling Waves gear (t-shirts, signs, and additional accessories) at home swim meets.  The Waves Shop is open from 8:00 to 12:00, is located inside the pool area and is covered.  It is a great location from which to watch the swim meet.


    Ribbon Writing

    Sit in an AIR CONDITIONED ROOM and place 1st through 6th place stickers onto the correct ribbons. File them according to age group. Last shift must stay until the end of the meet. You are able to take any breaks you need to see your kids swim.


    Meet Scoring (Computers)

    Also in an AIR CONDITIONED ROOM. Enter data into an easy to use computer program, print reports, check data accuracy and distribute reports.



    Work in assigned lane at swim meets.  Responsible for starting & stopping stopwatch for each race.  The timer informs the scribe of actual time on stopwatch for each event.



    Sit in assigned lane during swim meets and write down times from all three timers in specified lane.  Scribe then circles middle time.  Also responsible for writing time on heat ribbons and giving them to 10 & under swimmers.


    Pool Watcher/Check-in

    Please arrive 10 minutes ahead of duty. First, help the children sign in and then sit by the pool and watch for the safety of ALL swimming children. Help with discipline issues that may arise. Handle any problems that may arise, including first aid and assisting coaches if needed. Most importantly, you are there to insure every child has a safe swim practice. This is NOT a job for a parent who is watching a child not swimming at the same time! 


    Ready Bench

    Assist at swim meets at the ready bench, organizing children before their events. Shifts last half of the meet.


    Tent Parent

    At swim meets, check in children prior to meet and need to remain in designated tent to round up your age group when event is called to the ready bench, then deliver to ready bench.  You are not a babysitter!  Must report to ready bench 10 minutes before check-in time.


    Head of Concessions (15 points - fulfills the season's volunteer requirements)

    This position heads up the concessions crew for each home meet.  Note that this is a physical position and requires the lifting and moving of heavy ice chests.  Preference for this position is for experienced volunteers that can organize and lead the concessions team.  The head of concessions reports to the pool at 6 pm on Friday to ice down the drinks and arrives at 7 am the day of the meet to help assist getting the concessions tent ready for the meet.


    Other Roles and Coordinators

    There are other positions available that in some cases have more flexibility than traditional duties at meets and practices. Please talk to our board members to discuss potential participation in this manner.

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