Wacky Waves Instructions

    A few notes are included below as we formally begin the 2018 season on Saturday. Before going into that, please remember that while Wacky Waves is our meet to set times for all our swimmers, this is also the opportunity for volunteers to knock off some rust and get back into a swim meet frame of mind. Be patient and willing to lend a hand where needed. We have a completely new website we are using and the first meet of the season often can have a few hiccups. That being said, we have a great team of families, coaches, and volunteers that always step up to run an efficient meet.

    Wacky Waves Swim Meet Information:

    Plan to be at the Kings Point pool by 7:30 am this Saturday May 6th. Warm ups begin at 7:45 am and the meet will start at approximately 8:15. Please note that all swimmers must check in at 7:30.

    Please make sure to follow the procedures below for all of our meets this season:

    Swimmer Check In
    Please look for the two pink tents that will be on the front lawn and open at 7:30.Each age group will have a coach checking them in writing down their registered events on their arm. There will be signage next to each coach directing your swimmer by age to check in with their respective coach.

    Volunteer (Parent) Check In
    If a parent has a first or second shift volunteer duty during Wacky Waves, please check in beginning at 7:30 with Vicky Cook. Vicky will be at the pink tents on the front lawn and will also have signage directing you to her. She will check in each volunteer and make sure you receive credit for your volunteer shift. Please note that if you neglect to check in by 8 am, you will not receive credit for working your shift. Also, we have two big volunteer shifts open that need to be filled. We need a 9-10 girl's tent parent and second shift head timer. Wacky Waves is a great meet to volunteer for and get some of your necessary shifts out of the way before the dual meet season.

    The team will have a breakfast concession stand including Chic-Fil-A, snacks, and drinks along with other tasty treats. All you need to bring is your swimmer's gear, sunscreen, and lawn chairs. The meet should run pretty fast (hopefully) and we hope to be done early in the afternoon.

    Finally, please obey all No Parking signs! We CANNOT park on both sides of any street or cul de sac in case an emergency vehicle needs access. We can park in the school parking lot but please do not park your vehicle on the school’s grass. We have been warned that if people park their vehicle on the schools grass we may lose access to the parking lot. Plan to park and take a short walk. Our HOA is really strict on the parking management at the meets so please help us out and keep the community safe in case of an emergency.

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